Everything simply under control. Hands on.


A small change

Because of the extreme miniaturisation of the digitalSTROM components, the small, inexpensive and intelligent modules fit behind every light switch and every lamp.

Quick and clean

The digitalSTROM switch technology can be installed everywhere with little effort and above all quickly and cleanly. Shortly afterwards, everything is ready for use.


If you want to, you can even move with your digitalSTROM to a new home – since all the components are easy to remove again for use in the new location.

digitalSTROM is easy to use


You press the light switch once …
… and all the lamps in your living room are simultaneously dimmed precisely to your predefined level.


Press twice…

… and another light setting gives your living room the new ambiance that you want.


Press three times …

… let your imagination run freely: you yourself orchestrate what your switch does – in each individual room.

digitalSTROM is just amazing

  • … create different lighting ambiances for your living rooms.
  • … dim the lamps exactly to the level you want – including all energy efficient light bulbs.
  • … link electrical household devices to each other: when the blinds go up in the morning, the coffee machine switches itself on.
  • … make the lights in the home flash when someone rings the doorbell.
  • … reliably switch off all electrical devices (apart from the fridge and freezer) when you leave the house.
  • And much more – entirely as you choose.

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